‘Entertain greatly and educate gently’

Polperro Dolphin Swims seeks to promote environmentally responsible behaviour towards Port Phillip Bay’s marine environment and its’ dolphin and seal populations by embracing an operating philosophy of conservation through education and interpretation.

Students from primary to tertiary level can immerse themselves in the natural wonders on offer. Real-life experience combined with quality interpretation delivered by our qualified and experienced staff allows participants to look beneath the surface and gain a fuller understanding of the ecology, geography and history of Port Phillip Bay as well as meeting and getting to know its’ dolphin and seal populations.

Tours and interpretation can be tailored to suit desired learning outcomes and we ensure tours are accessible to learning institutions by subsidising costs. Safe and fun-filled on the water activities can be matched to Victorian Curriculum and learning outcomes. VCAL students may satisfy the needs of their courses by participating in the AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety qualification offered by our qualified trainer.

School camps can be endowed with a variety of activities from the rich palette of offerings – land-based, in water, on-water, marine and terrestrial.

Polperro embraces ‘kids teaching kids’ programs, works closely with Zoos Victoria on Seal the Loop litter programs and conducts field trips for the Eco Centre St Kilda on marine litter programs.

Polperro Dolphin Swims has earnt a reputation as a premier provider of marine education that is built on 25 years of service in this field. Challenge students and teachers alike with real-world conservation issues and empower them to become involved in making a difference.

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To achieve our educational goals Polperro has been a driving force in establishing and supporting the Canopy of Care. Through the provision of online classroom resources, fieldwork activities, guest speakers and support for other environmental bodies the Canopy of Care aims to educate people, in particular our youth, about the key environmental issues impacting our waterways. It is hoped that this knowledge and the support from the Canopy of Care will empower community action aiming to reduce the issues facing our waterways, such as Port Phillip Bay. Further information about the Canopy of Care can be found here.


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