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Research and education are essential to the success of any environmental protection campaign. They represent vital sources of information that are used to gain an understanding of natural systems and their susceptibility to the impacts of human activities. However, ignorance and insufficient knowledge continue to be major concerns and we aim to help you understand the issues and support the protection of the marine environment.

How we conduct our tours and our involvement in the broader areas of environmental conservation are important to us, and drive the way we approach eco-tourism and education within the Polperro organisation.

Research Goal

Investigate and consult on environmental issues by supplying detailed, comprehensive and balanced information to both the public and private sector.

Education Goal

Develop, conduct and produce educational programs, seminars, articles and publications that raise environmental awareness.

Community Goal

Encourage environmental awareness and participation at the community level by ensuring that our services are accessible to local groups and schools as well as to larger public and private sector institutions.

Staff Profile and associated supporters

The accumulated knowledge of our multi-disciplined staff represents a broad information resource that is based on experienced investigation, education and conservation practices. We are a team of academics, lecturers, researchers, planners, artists, writers and photographers, and are committed to developing a greater understanding for the need to properly manage, respect and protect the natural environment.



Polperro has been certified as an ADVANCED ECOTOURISM accredited business.
We also have the highest Australian Tourism Quality Assured rating T-QUAL.

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