Water in the World

The following activity sheets are closely linked to the Victorian Curriculum unit “Water in the world”. They contain a range of activities and references to current resources and examples that can be used to supplement your classroom resources. They have been put in a format to allow you to cut and paste, and if need be to edit those activities that best suit your class. These resources will be updated on a regular basis to ensure that they are current.

Activity sheets 1-6 deal with the following areas of Geographical Knowledge:

  • Classification of environmental resources and the forms water takes.
  • The quantity and variability of Australia’s water resources compared with those in other counties and how water balance can be used to explain these differences.
  • Nature of water scarcity and the role of humans in creating and overcoming it, including studies drawn from Australia and West Asia and/or North Africa.

Activity sheets 1-6 also address all of the Geographic Concepts and Skills.

Activity Sheets 7-13 deal with the growing problem of plastics entering our waterways. As such it is a hydrological hazard and is an example of the following area of Geographical Knowledge:

  • Causes of an atmospheric or hydrological hazard and its impacts on places, and human responses to it to minimise harmful effects on places in the future.

Activity Sheets 7-13 also address all of the Geographic Concepts and Skills.

Activity sheets 7-13 look at the amount and types of plastics entering our waterways, the distribution of plastic pollution in our waterways at a global, national and local scale, the impacts of this growing problem and strategies to reduce plastics in our society. It is the last of these points and the last of the activity sheets which is the most important to us. We strongly encourage your class to undertake a community based project that reduces the amount of plastics we use in our society. It does not matter how big or small the project is. What is important is that change for the better is happening and that students can see that positive action is possible.

Environmental Change and Management

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