Fieldwork activities have been developed for the following units:

  • Environmental Change and Management. These activities are related to the environmental, economic and technological factors influencing change at a specific coastal environment (Mornington Peninsula/Port Phillip Bay), the consequences ofchange and the management strategies that have been implemented to these changes. This section also contains fieldwork activities for those who studied the impacts of plastics in our waterways as an example of environmental change. Please note that the activities about plastics are similar to those contained in Unit 1 Hazards and Disasters as we have assumed you would teach this topic either at Year 10 or in VCE Geography.
    Given the interaction that exists between environments, the fieldwork activities could also be useful for those who selected the marine and urban environments as their case study.
  • Unit 1: Hazards and Disasters. These activities focus on the distribution, causes and consequences and management of plastic pollution in Port Phillip Bay. Again, these activities are similar to those contained in the Environmental Change and Management unit as we have assumed you would teach this topic either at Year 10 or in VCE Geography.
  • Unit 2: Tourism. These activities focus on tourism within the Mornington Peninsula. More specifically, the nature of tourism, the characteristics of tourists, the environmental, economic and social/cultural impacts of tourism and management strategies to ensure sustainability within this region are explored.

The fieldwork activities relate to and support the units of work that are also available at this site.

For each of these units background activities that could be undertaken prior to your fieldwork trip and suggested sites to visit in the Mornington Peninsula/Port Phillip Bay region have been included. For each site a range of possible fieldwork activities are available. Details about organisations who run tours and relevant fieldwork activities and guest speakers who are available in this region have also been included. It is not expected that all of the activities at each fieldwork site will be used.

Water in the World

Environmental Change and Management

Unit 1 Hazards and Disasters

Unit 2 Tourism

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