Environmental Change and Management

The following activity sheets are closely linked to the Victorian Curriculum unit “Environmental change and management”. They contain a range of activities and references to current resources and examples that can be used to supplement your classroom resources. They have been put in a format that allow you to cut and paste, and if need be to edit those activities that best suit your class. These resources will be updated on a regular basis to ensure that they are current.

These activity sheets focus on the environmental change and management of the coastal environment. More specifically

  • Activity Sheet 1 introduces and explores the reasons why the coastal environment is an important resource.
  • Activity Sheet 2 introduces students to the range of pressures facing the coast as outlined in the report “Australia State of the Environment – Coasts 2016” The activity sheets that follow analyse these pressures, their impacts and the strategies to minimise their impact in more detail. Given the time restraints that classes typically face it is unlikely that all of these pressures will be able to be covered. Select those that best suit your class and fit into your curriculum. Please note that apart from the activity sheets dealing with plastics the remaining activity sheets are designed to be an introduction to each of the pressures. If there is a pressure that suits your class and curriculum then this topic can easily be extended.
  • Activity Sheet 3 investigates the impacts of climate change on the coastal environment. This has the potential to be a large topic, but as noted above, the purpose of these activity sheets is to introduce students to these pressures.
  • Activity Sheets 4-11 contain a case study on the causes, consequences and management of plastics entering our waterways and oceans. These activity sheets are similar to those contained in Unit1. Hazards and disasters as we have assumed that you would only cover this topic once.
  • The activity sheets also support the fieldwork exercises available at this site.
  • Activity Sheet 12 investigates the impacts of changing land use on the coastal environment and how these impacts can be managed.
  • Activity Sheet 13 looks at the impacts of shipping and boating on the coastal environment and evaluates the strategies that exist to minimise the impacts of this use.

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