Canopy of Care

The Canopy of Care aims to provide educational resources and experiences that provide information about key environmental issues, particularly those that are facing our coast and waterways, and most importantly provide inspiration and support for our young adults to take action at a community level.

The concept and philosophy of the Canopy of Care was developed by Judy Muir who was motivated by the need to link reliable educators and operators together to provide students and teachers with high quality educational experiences and citizen science programs.  According to Judy “By entertaining greatly whilst educating gently students are encouraged and resourced to become custodians of their own futures. Conservation through education is essential.”

To achieve these aims the Canopy of Care provides the following services:

  • Resources about the key environmental issues, particularly those that impact the coast and our waterways, that can be used in classrooms. These resources are linked to the Biology, Geography and Outdoor and Environmental Education curriculums.  Educators are able to be access these free resources online.
  • Fieldwork activities for Port Phillip Bay and sections of the Mornington Peninsula coastline that schools can use during their visits.  These fieldwork activities are strongly linked to both the curriculum and provide practical examples of the previously mentioned classroom resources. These activities can also be accessed online.
  • Advice and assistance in running fieldwork trips at Port Phillip Bay and the Mornington Peninsula coastline.
  • Expert guest speakers for either fieldwork trips or school visits.
  • PD sessions for teaching staff about the content in the online resources and how to implement these resources into their curriculum.
  • Inspiration and support for community-based projects that address the pressures facing our waterways and coastal environments

Our educational resources can be obtained by clicking on the appropriate link below.

Conditions of Use

Please read over the following Terms and Conditions regarding the use of the resources found on this site

  1. These resources are only to be used in a school environment. The format of these resources can be manipulated by educators to create their own individual worksheets provided acknowledgement is made of the source. These developed worksheets must not be used for the purposes of profit.
  2. These resources are note to be used for profit-making ventures or be part of a resource, such as a factsheet or worksheet, used for business purposes.
  3. Written authorisation must be obtained from Polperro Dolphin Swims if you wish to charge others for access to the material or if you wish to repurpose the material on this site in any way.

If you accept these Terms and Conditions, you may access the resources.

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